Meal Prep Monday | Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Breakfast is my all-time favorite meal and I’ll eat eggs any time of any day – scrambled, over-easy, omelet – it doesn’t matter. I’m an egg girl, through and through. But there’s something about being home alone on a quiet Sunday morning, curled up in your extra-long PJ pants that calls for blueberry pancakes and a cold glass of milk.

Greek Yogurt Blueberry Pancakes | Drink the Day

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at make-ahead pancakes or batter for awhile now, hoping it would help for those mornings when I simply cannot fathom another bowl of cereal, and I don’t have enough time to cook anything else. As I also wanted them to be somewhat “healthy,” I turned to the all-mighty recipe queen: Pinterest.

Starting out with this recipe and adapting slightly with the ingredients in my kitchen, I ended up with some pretty delicious blueberry mini-pancakes for breakfast yesterday morning. But let’s be serious, is there anything in the world that a generous serving of syrup can’t solve? I’m not certain how well this batter would hold up in the meal prep department, but I think it might be okay to make a few pancakes, freeze them, then pop them in the toaster as I run out the door to work. And don’t worry, I volunteer as tribute to find out ; )


Happy Meal Prep Monday!

Ps. is officially live! Head over to check out the new design and don’t forget to subscribe or bookmark to the new domain! : ) 

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Friday Favorites: SBQL #3

Friday Favorites | Song Book Quote Look @ Drink the Day

Happy Friday! After two weekends of traveling in a row, I’m MORE than ready to relax for a few days. I can’t wait to use my time off to get some things done that I’ve been putting off, exercise, and have fun with Tim and our friends. What do you have planned?

For today’s favorites, I’m using one of my favorite post formats: Song Book Quote Look!

Song: High Dive by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Oh man. From Something Corporate to Jacks Mannequin, to AMITW, I have always been a pretty big fan of the music Andrew writes and records. This song is no different. Upbeat but moody in the same swing, fantastic lyrics, and (as always) crazy impressive vocals.

Book: Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. To be fair, I haven’t actually started this one yet but it’s next on my list and I’ve only heard wonderful, fantastic reviews so far. I absolutely love historical fiction so I can’t wait to spend some down time this weekend snuggled on the couch with this book and a latte : ) Has anyone read it yet? What did you think?

Quote: “Note to self” – So. freaking. true. Be weird, friends. There’s no time for anything else.

Look: Currently obsessed with skinny white ankle jeans, bright tops and floral heels. I never consider patterned shoes but after seeing this outfit floating around on Pinterest, I immediately set about attempting to recreate it. Is it summer yet?

And that’s all folks! Have the best weekend you have ever, ever, EVER had! No pressure ; )

Pin to Present | 5 Senses Gift

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of the holiday, let’s chat about gift giving : )

In January, Tim and I celebrated our 3-year dating anniversary (though to be realistic, it’s been even longer than that) – but in February, we had officially known each other for 11 years. ELEVEN. Is it any wonder that I’m running out of present ideas for this guy? Not to mention, he needs absolutely nothing, so I’m constantly trying to get creative with my gifts. So this Valentine’s Day, I tackled a long-standing Pinterest project: the 5 Senses present package.

Pin to Present | DIY 5 Senses Gift idea

Pretty simple concept, right? 5 gifts (you can make this as pricey or inexpensive as you wish) that coordinate with the 5 different senses. This particular pin didn’t list ideas, but was a package deal you can purchase with gift tags, a coupon book and love notes, so I had to come up with my sensational present ideas on my own ; )

  • Taste: His favorite flavor of Naked juice (Proteins & Greens (gross))
  • See: A book about Nikola Tesla and his many inventions
  • Smell: A mini can of body spray for travel
  • Touch: A new button-up shirt in his favorite colors
  • Hear: A mix CD (taking it back to the good old high school days!)

I managed to keep my spending right around $30, and ALL of my wrapping materials came from the dollar store. I’ll be linking up with Anne @ In Residence in two weeks to share this awesome idea and hopefully find some inspiration for my next Pinterest project!

10 on Tuesday | Top Ten Rent the Runway Dresses

Tuesday already!?

I quite obviously took a few days off after my Blogiversary announcement – Thank you all SO much for the love here & Instagram! I’m so excited! – So I’m making my easy-peasy return to blogging with the best type of post for when you’re exhausted after a weekend away: the List.

Karli @ Sept. Farm came up with 10 on Tuesday a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to get in on the linkup action ever since. It was a no brainer to turn my shopping habits into post material – I’ve got a wedding coming up in May and I’ve been perusing Rent the Runway for weeks! Here are my Top 10 choices… Can you tell I’m a little partial to A-line? ; )

10 on Tuesday | Top Ten Rent the Runway Dresses

L to R, top to bottom

  1. Ayla by Elizabeth and James – I call this the Claire Underwood dress.
  2. So Jaded by Theia – Might be too dark for a May wedding but I LOVE the style!
  3. Brushstroke Isadora by Milly – I’m not a huge pattern person but this one caught my eye.
  4. Michelle Lace by nha khanh – We all know I’m fairly obsessed with tan & ivory…
  5. Hudson by Laundry (Shelli Segal) – Heart-eyeing this one up for a more formal affair!
  6. Marilyn by allison parris – I’ve rented this designer before. Extremely flattering!
  7. Petal by Slate & Willow – Navy and A-line: What more could I ask for?
  8. Gabi by Slate & Willow – Brand new, so no reviews – but I’m in LOVE with the colors!
  9. Voltaire by Cynthia Rowley – The question remains… can I pull off floral?
  10. Celebrate Good Times by kate spade new york – I think this one speaks for itself ; )

What do you think, which one should I choose? Check out my previous experience with Rent the Runway here – I never thought I could pull off red but I almooooost kept that gorgeous dress.

Check back on Thursday – I’ve got the cutest DIY gift idea, and it’s EASY too! Promise!

1-Year Blogiversary!

Happy Wednesday, and Happy 1-Year Blogiversary to me!

To be honest, or “tbh” as the cool kids say, I wasn’t really sure I’d make it this far. While I love writing and having a virtual scrapbook of my life, I’ve started plenty of blogs before that got abandoned on the side of the Internet Interstate after only a few months. I lost interest in the subject matter, I lacked focus to post consistently, or I simply didn’t have enough time.

Well, I still don’t have enough time (who does?) but I’ve grown to seriously love the community of bloggers I read and interact with, and I just can’t imagine not being a part of this world. So, in honor of a year of writing, photographing, cooking, running, shopping and sharing all of the above with you guys, I’ve decided it’s time to make a few updates & upgrades to Drink the Day : )

1-Year Blogiversary! - Drink the Dayimage via ashley ella design

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, they are a’ coming! First up on the agenda was to become self-hosted. I set up my BlueHost account and domain, and I’m slowly starting to figure out everything that’s new (to me!) with WordPress. I purchased a gorgeous theme from Eclair Designs that I cannot wait to show you guys – I don’t want to spoil it, but here’s a sneak preview ; )

Eclair DesignsYou may have already noticed the next change – a complete overhaul to my “about me” page! As all of my blog pals know, it’s pretty freaking hard to write about yourself – but I think I managed not to be too awkward. Check it out – and let me know if you think something’s missing!

Within that rambling introduction page, I mentioned my photography business. I’ve touched on Valley Photography a few times before on the blog, but now I’d love to integrate both of my “hobbies” – so you’ll be seeing more photo posts, and a new tab at the top of the page!

Valley Photography

I also want to touch on a few goals I have for the future of Drink the Day – hopefully writing them down here will help me hold myself accountable to achieving them!

  • Carry my DSLR camera with me more often. I hate when I have to use low quality photos in my posts, but sometimes it’s just easiest to use my iPhone. I’m going to try to use my “big girl camera” in as many situations as I can : )
  • Write post outlines a month in advance. I try to fully write posts out as far as possible, but sometimes I just don’t have enough time or brainpower. I think I can handle outlines though…
  • Clean up my categories – I have waaaay too many.
  • Expand to other social networks ( Twitter account has already been created!)
  • Start a successful linkup with a wonderful co-host.
  • Start a “challenge” for people to join and post about.

Last but not least, I want to hear from YOU guys! What do you want to read more about? How can I be more useful, helpful or just downright entertaining? I love the time I spend reading blogs every day, and I want Drink the Day to be a happy bookmark on your browser as well : )

A HUGE thank you goes out to everyone who stops by to read my words, even if it’s only sporadically, or through a linkup. I love writing, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care if anyone read my posts! I do. And I love hearing from you too : )

Related: If anyone has made the switch from to a self-hosted before, and feels like they could answer a few (probably simple) questions, please please please leave me a comment below!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Weekending: Mountains Part 1

As I type this blog post out on Sunday night, I’m currently sitting right here:

 But that photo was from Friday night – and now I’m in a nest of blankets and pillows instead, after a delicious meal, a cold Peroni, and a wonderful weekend spent with people I love. We headed up straight from work, met my parents & friends for a beer down the street from the house, then settled in for a night of card games on the kitchen island – interrupted only by multiple shotskis and uncontrollable laughter. 

 Saturday was spent on the ski slope, which we had virtually to ourselves – one benefit to skiing diamonds while everyone else is on the beginner slopes! Lots of lodge time was followed by the most delicious pasta & meatballs dinner, and Caesar salad with homemade dressing – I promise I’ll make Ed tell me the recipe and share it ASAP!

Board games, darts, ping pong and coffee started off the night, which got ramped up with an impromptu dance party and a few more shotskis. We don’t have any fun up here, I’m telling you…

Sunday was filled with mimosas, a long run to the lake & dinner out with my favorite guy. Yes, we did the word search puzzle, and yes we raced to finish it. Don’t ask me who won…

Tim and I decided to stay Sunday night as well and head straight to work Monday morning – and we’re coming back Friday afternoon for the weekend with friends! We had originally planned to ski again but with temperatures in the 60’s this week, golf might be a more likely outdoor activity…

Stay tuned for Mountains Part 2 next Monday – and my 1 year Blogiversary post on Wednesday!

Friday Favorites: Save vs. Splurge Products

HAVE MERCY, it’s finally Friday.

You’ll have to excuse me, I’ve watched 7 episodes of Fuller House since Sunday… And I am 100% not ashamed to admit I am obsessed with the theme song remake, the adorable puppy and the hunky veterinarian. But I should absolutely stop watching now so I can pack, put in some time in the gym and wash my high-maintenance hair so it dries overnight.

I’m fairly obsessed with my latest hair care products – Suave sent me their Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair duo and I have never loved the smell of shampoo and conditioner more than I do right now. Seriously… I even caught myself smelling my hair at work on Tuesday… #noshame.

Suave y’all. When they say salon quality, they mean it. Except at a wonderfully lower price point. Finding this shampoo/conditioner inspired me to take a look around at my other beauty products to see where I tend to spend more money or less. Check them out – my product saves and splurges!

Beauty Saves vs Splurges! - Drink the Day blog

Obviously I got the two Suave products for free, but they retail at Target for $3 each. WHAT. Stocking up for the mountain house and the beach house – this scent is going to be a year-round love affair. The Dial body wash is the most magnificent moisturizing Coconut Water & Mango mix for anywhere from $5.50 to $6, depending on where you shop. #SAVE

Beauty Saves vs Splurges! - Drink the Day blog

Moving from hair and body to specifically face – two more products I’ve been using regularly are under-eye patches and teeth whitening strips. I’ve had bad allergies all my life, so my eyes have always had puffy dark circles underneath. These $16 Spa Life patches (6 full treatments) are a #SAVE in more ways then one – they’re fairly inexpensive compared to other brands, and they save me from looking like a raccoon in the mornings ; )

On the other hand, the $35 Crest 3D whitening strips are a little bit of a #SPLURGE, but they’re also absolutely worth the cash. You get 56 strips, which leads to 28 full treatments, and you can whiten every night in only 5 minutes. I don’t care HOW busy you are… you can take 5 minutes every day to get noticeably whiter teeth.

Beauty Saves vs Splurges! - Drink the Day blog

When it comes to my eyes and face, I try my hardest to limit the products I use, and to keep the ingredient list as simple and natural as possible. After I heard about Valentina products from more than one blogger on my reading list, I knew I had to get my hands on the Hydration Mask and Eye Cream. YOU GUYS. Now I understand why everyone on the internets was raving about this stuff! Insanely moisturizing, lightly scented, and filled with organic oils and antioxidants.

Signing up to receive these samples was the easiest review decision I ever made, and I can’t wait to try out more Valentina products in the future. At $25 a piece, I’d say the mask and eye cream are more #SPLURGE than #SAVE, but I think they’re definitely an investment I’ll make in the future. You can’t be too cautious when it comes to your skin!

What products are you loving lately? I am by NO MEANS an expert when it comes to beauty or skin/hair care, but I love trying new things out to see what works best for my body!

Happy happy Friday, friends! Cheers to a wonderful weekend! : )

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Currently... Drink the Day blog
Wishing: that Starbucks wasn’t changing their rewards system. Anyone else a little annoyed that you now have to hit 125 stars for a free reward starting in April? This may finally incentivize me to start using the Nespresso machine in my kitchen…

Craving: Girl scout cookies. I have absolutely NO willpower when it comes to Thin Mints. None.

Going: We’re headed to the mountains this weekend with my parents plus family and friends to ski and spend time together! I’m pretty ready for warmer weather to arrive, but this also might be our last chance to get on the mountain until next winter. Plus, the workout…! (And beer!)

Wearing: So I know I’ve touched on my casual office dress code before, so many times that you may be sick of hearing about it. Well, I might be sick of dressing for it! I’ve decided to only wear workout gear 3x a week, and use the other two days to try some of those less-worn items in my closet that survived the ThredUp Purge of 2016 ; ) Wanna join? Use #DTDClosetChallenge on Insta and tag me so I can use your outfits as inspiration! #shamelesscopycat

Learning: We’re absorbing another new department at work so my days have been spent figuring out some best practices, while my nights are spent reading blogging articles at home, and my afternoons consist of discovering the best spots to walk to in Old City now that it’s finally starting to feel warm!

Linking up with Anne & Jenna and looking forward to reading all about what you guys are “currently” up to! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Top 3 Sneaky Winter Workouts: Get Fit While You Freeze!

I’ll be honest – it feels a little weird writing about winter workouts when it’s almost 60 degrees in Philadelphia today. GOOD weird, don’t get me wrong – I’m absolutely ready for spring! But we’re not quite there yet, with only a few days of sunshine and warmth before we have a chance of flurries again on Friday.

Plus I know some of you live in places where winter sticks around for muuuch longer, sometimes even through the end of March. Remind me not to move to those places if I ever express interest, okay? #seasonaldepressionisreal

So let’s get down to it – how to workout in the winter without slipping on icy streets or investing in a gym membership (both of which I currently do… oops!)

Top 3 Sneaky Winter Workouts! - Drink the Day

1. Shoveling – It’s a pain, but it’s necessary. Want the good news? Shoveling can burn anywhere from 300-500 calories every hour! If you have a crazy wide driveway like me, break it up into sections, pause halfway for lunch, and use your headphones to jam out while you work! Be careful – dancing and icy pavement don’t mix ; )

2. Sledding – Okay I know… We don’t all get the chance to get out on the hills and feel that rush of adrenaline after a snowstorm anymore. A blizzard usually means shoveling out the driveway (see #1) followed by thawing out, soup, netflix and typically terrible roadways. But if you get the opportunity to go sledding, take it! ESPECIALLY if you get to take little kids – trudging back up the hill while dragging or carrying a 6-year old means I’ve got cardio, core, arms AND legs being worked out all at once… she’s lucky she’s cute!

Top 3 Sneaky Winter Workouts! - Drink the Day
3. Skiing – Maybe this one isn’t so “sneaky” but I’ve been skiing since I was little and I had no idea I was burning at least 400 calories an hour! Though that does explain how ravenous we are when we sit down to lunch… Whether or not you partake in nachos and beer during your break, skiing is still a pretty enjoyable way to get a workout during the winter season. Snowboarding counts too ; )

Top 3 Sneaky Winter Workouts! - Drink the Day

What do you do for your winter workouts? I love running so I’ve got a membership to Planet Fitness to get my cardio fix, but I definitely get bored pretty easily on the treadmill unless the Flyers are playing. Send me your best Zumba videos and office acceptable exercises, I can’t wait to get some new ideas!

Weekending: The Leap Day Edition

Hi Monday!

Weirdly enough, I’m not that unhappy to see you. You see – I had the most wonderful, relaxing, fulfilling, perfect weekend filled with a few somethings and a TON of nothing. I honestly feel like we’ve been going nonstop through summer, fall and the holiday season, and that things are FINALLY starting to slow down a little. And I love it.

As much as I crave exciting events and adore planning adventures, I’ve definitely been burning the candle at both ends lately. There’s just not enough hours in one day, am I right? So with the house to myself this weekend and absolutely zero social engagements on the calendar, I happily indulged in a whole lot of indulging. Starting with beers at work after a particularly stressful week and a big presentation!


 Tim texted me Friday on his way home from work and asked what I wanted to do that evening. I was already home, laying on the couch browsing Pinterest, and casually replied: “I want to go to Target by myself for an hour, spend some time with you, and be in bed by no later than 1am.”

I’m telling you, I’m lucky he tolerates my quirks sometimes ; ) But is there anything better than a semi-quiet, no-rush hour of browsing the beautiful aisles of my favorite store? Followed by drinks in the hottub and a few episodes of Friends, and in bed before my glass slippers disappeared at 1am: PERFECTION.

      Saturday consisted of eggs/toast for breakfast, cinnamon almond pancakes for second breakfasts (don’t judge), Tim picking up his gorgeous new car, dinner with his dad and sister, and drinks with friends. Another early night and lazy morning were followed by errands, front yard golf, and Fuller House. We rounded out the weekend with a celebratory new car toast and a little bit of work to get ready for the new week!

Do you ever just need a few days full of nothing? It usually makes me irritated to head into a weekend without plans – we only get two free days a week, I always want to make the most of them! But sometimes I forget the “most” might sometimes mean doing the “least” amount of activities, or scheduling the least amount of obligations.

I hope you had an equally perfect weekend & that you’re feeling refreshed and ready to kick @ss this week! Thanks for stopping by!